Billy Goat Model Number Locator Locate your Billy Goat Model Number and Serial with All Mower Spares

Which Model Do I have?

Detailed model information is on the serial plate, but you need some idea which model you have to find said plate. Billy Goat puts large stickers on their equipment stating the model, either on the front or side of the device. Sometimes these stickers will specify the model, like the KV Series vacuum, while other times it will have the product name, like the Outback. In the list below, we’ve included both names for quick identification.

Vacuums BG Series: On the left side of the frame, next to the motor KV Series: On the rear of the housing to the left of the bag attachment MV Series: On the left height-adjustment plate VQ Series: On the rear left of the impeller housing

Blowers F6, F9, F13 and F18: Right side below the motor FZ: Rear right side of the blower housing

Mowers FM and HP Finish: Behind the right rear tire next to the engine HW High Weed: Next to the left drive wheel, below the engine BC Outback Brushcutter: On the lower right corner, just below the engine

Renovation Lawn Care AE Aerator and OSSP Overseeder: Rear left of the frame PR and CR Power Rakes: Rear right of the frame SC Sod Cutter: Left side, next to the motor

Sod Cutters On the plate below the handles

Aerators On the left side of the housing

Truck Loaders TR and HTR: To the right of the motor QL: Below and in front of the motor DL12, DL13, DL18: Rear right below the motor DL25: On the rear of the housing to the left of the motor