GARDENA Classic PVC Hose 19mm (3/4

GARDENA Classic PVC Hose 19mm (3/4") 100M Unfitted G18162

GARDENA 1.5 Metre 13mm (1/2

GARDENA 1.5 Metre 13mm (1/2") Connection Set G18040

GARDENA Classic Hose Trolley 60 HG, Set with comfortable hose guide G8004

G8004, 966620901, 966 62 09-01

The Classic Hose Trolley 60 HG Set with accessories is ready-to-use because it includes a 20-metre-long Classic Hose 13 mm (1/2") and all required Original GARDENA System Parts: three Standard Hose Connectors (Art. No. 915), two Tap Connectors (Art. No. 900 and 902), a Water Stop (Art. No. 913), a connection piece (Art. No. 5305), and an infinitely Adjustable Spray Nozzle (Art. No. 8114). You have everything you need for gapless connection from tap to hose, to nozzle. Thanks to the hose guide above the Hose Reel, the hose is evenly and tidily guided during wind-up. The advantage: you do not need to guide the hose by hand – and your hands remain clean. Its specially formed foot gives high standing security. This ensures that the Hose Trolley does not quickly tip over, e.g. when the hose is pulled. Compared to its predecessor, it offers 30% greater standing security. The handle is structured in such a way that it always optimally adjusts to every body height. You can comfortably draw the Hose Trolley through your garden. The crank handle can be folded to save space in storage. A swivel axle prevents the hose from turning when winding or unwinding. An integrated drip stop prevents water spill after use or during transport. Thanks to the angled hose connector inside the reel, the hose is not kinked and full water flow is always guaranteed. The profiled wheels allow easy and problem-free pushing. If you require a greater water flow, no problem: The GARDENA Classic Hose Trolley 60 HG can be fitted to the GARDENA "Profi" System through the "Profi" Maxi-Flow System Tap Connector (Art. No. 2801). For problem-free and convenient watering.


Max. capacity 13 mm (1/2") 196.85 feet / 60 m
Max. capacity 15 mm (5/8") 164.04 feet / 50 m
Max. capacity 19 mm (3/4") 114.83 feet / 35 m
Hose Length 65.62 feet / 20 m
Hose Diameter Single 0.51 inch / 13 mm
  • Ready-to-use


    As the Hose Trolley is fully equipped with hose and connection fittings, it can be used right away. Simply connect the hose to the tap – and water away!

  • Convenient hose guiding

    Convenient hose guiding


    The hose guide above the Hose Reel is especially practical. Simply turn the crank and the hose winds…


  • High standing security

    High standing security


    The specially formed foot gives the Hose Trolley extra strong standing stability. This facilitates watering…


  • Convenient pulling

    Convenient pulling


    The Hose Trolley can be especially easily pulled. The handle can be individually adjusted to the body…


  • No kinking of the hose

    No kinking of the hose


    As the hose connector is angled inside the Hose Reel, the hose cannot kink and water always…


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