20L Oven/Grill Cleaner Non Caustic - Clean Plus Mild Alkaline Salts & Solvents, Safer Option


Oven/Grill Cleaner Non-Caustic is a Blue thin liquid. This product is an oven and grill cleaner that cuts through the toughest food soils, grease, oil and other food deposits, thus reducing cleaning times. This product is suitable to clean ovens, grills, hoods, fryers, other cooking equipment and kitchen floors. Oven/Grill Cleaner Non-Caustic is a safest formulation that can be used neat or diluted to suit your application. It is the completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly product. This product is fast and effective. Highly Concentrated formula Heavy duty No harsh scrubbing required


1. Remove excess grease, fats and carbonised deposits with a scrapper or other suitable implement and rinse with water. 2. Spray Non Caustic Oven /Grill Cleaner undiluted directly onto equipment and leave the surface wet for 3-5 minutes. 3. Wipe off the residues with an absorbent cloth and rinse off with water when clean. CAUTION: This product is HIGHLY ALKALINE but NOT CORROSIVE. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection. Do not mix product with hot water. Code No 408


Non-Caustic Phosphate Free Environmentally Friendly


This product is available in 20 L, 15 L, 5 L

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