5L Window Cleaner - Clean Plus Streak Free Finish

Ammoniated, popular for all mirrors, windows, glasses, office desks and computer screens.


Window Cleaner is a blue thin liquid with a characteristic ammonia and alcohol odour. This formula combines a high-performance solvent system with the power of ammonia, guaranteeing a streak-free finish every time. This product has a fast-acting formula that quickly dries, penetrate and dissolve dirt, dust and other soils on glass, windows and mirrors leaving surfaces squeaky clean and streak-free. Window Cleaner is easy and safe to use, and its surfactants are biodegradable. Window Cleaner may be used as a spray & wipe for cleaning desks and countertops in office environments. Also, Window Cleaner will effectively remove stains from alcohol and tobacco residues on poker machines leaving them with a streak-free clean. Streak-free cleaner Specially formulated to penetrate and dissolve dirt Product dries quickly after application


Window Cleaner can be applied using a spray bottle and a clean lint-free cloth or by using a squeegee and a bucket of window cleaner. If using with a Blending centre – can be diluted 1:4 parts water. Code No 315


PF- Phosphate Free Biodegradable Safe for food processing areas & septic tanks when used according to dilution instructions


This product is available in 20L, 15L, 5L.

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