Swardman Electra Special 55 Premium Silver 22 Inch Cylinder Mower with Electric Motor EXTRA

Swardman Electra Special 55 Premium Silver 22 Inch Cylinder Mower with Electric Motor EXTRA

Swardman Edwin Special 45 Premium 18 Inch Cylinder Mower with Kawasaki Engine

Swardman Edwin Special 45 Premium 18 Inch Cylinder Mower with Kawasaki Engine

Swardman Electra Special 45 Premium 18 Inch Cylinder Mower with Electric Motor

Electra – silent revolution in lawn mowers

Swardman with its accu cordless model Electra targets above all those people that are interested in newest technologies and eco-friendly, battery-powered machines that are significantly quieter than classical petrol mowers. At its maximum power, the loudness of Electra will be around 70 dB, which is comparable to a water kettle or typing on a keyboard.

The Swardman Special models are designed for the customers that require quality without compromise. You can choose from over 200 colors. Treat yourself with luxurious leather-covered handlebars or LED lights for late shifts. Choose from either metal or carbon bonnet. Let the lawn mowing become your hobby!

PLEASE NOTE - Pricing is per machine unit only. All optional extras including reel kits and accessories are extra.

accu cordless model Electra reel lawn mower

7 times lower operating costs

Due to the absence of an internal combustion engine and a minimal share of moving parts, one of the advantages of Electra is minimal service requirements. To maintain the perfect quality of grass cutting, it is enough to sharpen the reel cartridge once a year. The service will thus be faster and cheaper than that of a petrol-powered machine. The cost of mowing a 350-square yards lawn with Electra is up to 7 times lower compared to a petrol lawnmower and is approximately 10 USD per year.

accu cordless model Electra silent lawn mower

“We have been making the quietest petrol mower for 2 years. Swardman Edwin is ca. 40 percent quieter than a rotary mower. With Electra, we achieved a value of ca. 70 dB, which is five times quieter than a common rotary mower. Electra will, therefore, be the quietest actual lawn mower on the market. We say “actual” intentionally because every other accumulator-powered machine is either robotic or a cheap plastic machine that chops the grass instead of trimming it, which results in a stressed and dried out grass,” describes the differences among mowers Tomas Sena, founder and CEO of Swardman.

electric cordless model Electra lawn mower

Basic battery can mow a middle-sized garden

Electra is the only mowing machine in the world with 2 independent electric motors that supply the power of up to 500 W to the mowing system and of 200 W to the drive of the mower. In the basic configuration with lead traction accumulator with gel electrolyte, Electra will mow the area of 500 yd2, which is an average size of a central European garden. Optionally, there will be an accumulator with a capacity twice as high, able to mow 1000 yd2 .

accu cordless model Electra lawn mower

A capacity three times higher than the basic version will be offered by the Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4), which will charge faster and last longer. This type of accumulator can deliver high current at an excellent draw, and therefore is suitable for gardens bigger than 1200 yd2 or for regenerative activities, such as verticutting or brushing of the lawn.

accu cordless model Electra lawn mower

Easy cordless mowing

Electra was constructed for a free movement without cords and with emphasis on easy and intuitive manipulation without any technical knowledge. Even a petite person will not have any problems operating Electra. The machine is started and controlled with buttons on the handlebars and with two electronically scanned levers for the drive and for mowing. Maximum speed is limited to ca. 5 mph and you can regulate it easily with buttons on a steering panel. Electra is the only hand-led mower in the world with a reverse gear, which makes it easier to manoeuvre when turning or parking the machine.

accu cordless reel model Electra lawn mower

Reservations from December, sold in February

The Swardman Electra will be exclusively manufactured in the Czech Republic and will be available to purchase in February of 2018. First mowers will reach the customers by the end of February. Starting on Monday, December 11th 2017, those interested in the new model can send their reservations through the reservation system on Swardman website. Swardman plans to release approximately 500 Electras in the next year. The price of the Swardman Electra battery model will be at the level of the current Swardman Edwin petrol model. Specific price information will be released in January.

accu cordless model Electra lawn mower with motor

From mower inventor to invention of Electra

The first Swardman mower named Edwin refers to the British inventor of the first reel mower, Edwin Budding. It saw the light of day 190 years ago, in 1827. Two centuries later, a petrol Edwin tributes the English inventor with its name.

accu cordless model Electra lawn mower

“The name Swardman Electra originates from the battery, or if you will accumulator concept. Electra clearly states that we are going towards sustainable development and, most of all, a silent powering that creates minimum of noise while in operation, while still focusing on the perfect cut of the lawn. High comfort for the lawn, the owner and the neighbours is our goal,” explains Tomas Sena.

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