15L Laundry Liquid Classic - Clean Plus Heavy duty, Economical Lavender Fragrance

15L Laundry Liquid Classic - Clean Plus Heavy-duty, Economical Lavender Fragrance


Laundry Liquid – Classic is a bright blue liquid with a fresh lavender fragrance that perpetuates the washing cycle. This product has an advanced formula that quickly penetrates soils and improves the whiteness and brightness of fabrics. It also contains special softeners to give a lustrous appearance to cleaned fabrics. Laundry Liquid – Classic is specially formulated to thoroughly clean a comprehensive range of fabric types safely and efficiently. This product is suitable for commercial and household use. Concentrated formula Grease cutting agent Fresh Lavender fragrance

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Full Load Automatic:

11/4 cup per machine load Small Wash: 3/4 cup per machine load Heavy Soiled Wash: 1½ cup per machine load Please DO NOT pour Laundry Liquid – Classic directly onto clothes, make sure you dissolve the liquid fully before adding the clothes. Code No 155


Low Phosphate Biodegradable Surfactants Safe for septic tanks when used according to dilution instructions.


This product is available in 20L, 15L, 5L


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