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Briggs & Stratton Engines

Model Number Location

Finding your model number is the first step to successfully identifying your Briggs and Stratton engine, Below is a list of possible locations, To the right is a short video showing locations.

  • Stamped Onto The Flywheel Blower Housing (Pictured Left), Can be above Spark Plug, At the Rear Or Above the Muffler 
  • Stamped Onto Crankcase Above Oil Filler Cap
  • Stamped Or Printed On Tag Located On Carburetor

Briggs & Stratton Engine Model Number Location


Model Number Format

The format of the model number can be seen to the left, It is separated into three sections which are described below

  • Model-This is used to determine the most important features of the engine such as displacement & mechanical features.
  • Type-This number is used to identify engine mechanical parts, Color of paint, Governed Speed & Original Equipment Manufacturer 
  • Code-The Code is used to determine the assembly date